2008 Renewal Application

The North Carolina Association of Private Investigators

Application for Membership


Please send your completed membership application and membership dues to:


PO Box 18585

Charlotte, North Carolina 28218-0585


 Type of membership:             ____ Renewal-Please check if renewing your membership

___ Principal
 (Dues $50.00 annually)

Any individual licensed by the state of North Carolina to perform the duties of a Private Investigator, Private Investigator Associate, (or the like) or Private Detective shall be eligible for Principal membership.  Principal Members are entitled to full rights at all association meetings, except Board of Directors meetings, unless the member is a director.  Only Principal members may vote and/or hold office in this association.   

___ Affiliate/
Non-Voting  (Dues $25.00 annually)

Shall be any individual by a state or territory of the United States of America, other than the state of North Carolina, to perform the duties of a Private Investigator, Private Investigator Associate, (or the like), or Private Detective.  Affiliate members shall not vote or hold office in this association.

___Staff Investigator/
Non-Licensed/Non-Voting (Dues $25.00 annually)

Any individual who currently services as a legal, non-licensed investigator for attorney firms or corporate entity (i.e. Bank of America, Home Depot, etc.)  Staff Investigators members shall not vote or hold office in this association.

____Business Associate/
Non-Licensed/Non-Voting  (Dues $25.00 annually)

Shall be any corporate sponsor and/or business that supports professional investigators, as well as, the goals and ethics of the association.  Business Associate members shall not vote or hold office in this association.

___NCAPI Student Membership/
Non-Licensed/Non-Voting  (Dues $0.00 annually)

Shall be any individual who is currently enrolled in a college-level criminal justice, legal, or basic law enforcement training (BLET) program.  This membership is for the length of the student’s enrollment in the program.  Student members shall not vote or hold office in this association.


NAME _______________________________________________________________________________________

                                LAST                                                       FIRST                                              MIDDLE


BUSINESS NAME________________________________________________________________________________________

BUSINESS ADDRESS:                                                                                                                                                      

                                                                  NUMBER                                              STREET                                          APT. 


CITY: __________________COUNTY______________   STATE:_________ ZIP CODE:  _________


HOME #: ________________BUSINESS #: _______________ FAX: ______________CELL: ________________

EMAIL____________________________________WEB ADDRESS__________________________


# OF YEARS EXPERIENCE: _______    PI LICENSE NUMBER: ________________STATE: ______ SINCE: ________



AFFILIATIONS: ____________________________________________________________________________



CERTIFICATIONS: __________________________________________________________________________




Types of Investigations Handled: (see Specialty Codes chart below - limit 5) 


1.) _________  2.) _________  3.) _________  4.) _________ 5.) _________


Other: ___________________________________________________________________________________


Do you have any pending charges before any State or Federal Court or any pending allegations violations being considered by the NC PPSB ( or the equivalent entity in any other state)?     YES ____ NO____


Will you support and follow the intent and spirit of the NCAPI Code of Ethics?               YES ____ NO ____

All must certify


I certify that the entries made by me in the above application are true, complete, and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief and are made in good faith. 


___________________________________________________                          _____________________

Applicant’s Signature                                                                                                             Date


 Please note:  You must include a copy of your license with this application. 



ACC Accident Reconstruction

ADJ Insurance adjusting
ARS Arson
AST Asset Checks

AUT  Autos, trucks, motorcycles
AVN Aviation (General Aviation)

BDY Body Guard/Executive Protection
BKG Background Investigations

BNK - Bank & Accounting Fraud
BOA Boating Accidents

CHL  Children's Rights/Child Abuse

CUS Child Custody
CIV   Civil
COM Computer Crimes/Fraud

CON Construction Site Investigation
COR Corporate Investigations
CRM Criminal Defense
DOC Document Examination
DOM Domestic
DDR Drunk Driving Defense

DRG Drugs

DUD  Due Diligence

ELC Electronic Counter Measures

EXP Explosives/Firearms

IND Industrial Accidents
INS Insurance
MAL Malpractice-Medical/Legal

MIS Missing Persons
MRT Maritime and Cargo Handling
ORG Organized Crime

PAT Patrol

PHO Photography
PIN  Personal Injury
PPS Personal Process Service
PHO Photography, Forensic
POL Polygraph and PSE
PRB Probate and Missing Heirs
PRD Product Liability

REA Real Estate Investigation
SEC Security Consulting
SKT Skiptrace
SUR Surveillance
SWM Swimming/Scuba Accidents

TOX Toxics, Hazmat
TRP Trial preparation

UND Undercover Investigations
White Collar Crime
Workers Compensation
Wrongful Death

Payment Method-     o Checks made payable to “NCAPI”


TYPE OF PAYMENT_____________       DATE RECEIVED    _____________          DATE APPROVED  _____________




North Carolina Association of Private Investigators



A private investigator is dedicated to a search for truth and the furtherance of his client's interest consistent therewith. This search for truth makes possible the establishment of the American ideals of fairness and justice for the benefit of the client in every case that the investigator works on. It should be the intention of every investigator to deal honestly, justly, and courteously with all persons and to practice his profession according to this Code of Ethics.


Professional Relations

The Private Investigator will extend the effectiveness of his profession by cooperating with other investigators and related professions, and by the exchange of information and experience so long as the interests of his clients or employers are not violated.

He will not advertise his work, skill, or merit in an unprofessional manner or in dramatic, misleading, or exaggerated fashion, and he will avoid all conduct or practice likely to discredit or do injury to the dignity and honor of his profession.


Relations with the Public

The Private Investigator will, when the appropriate opportunity presents itself, explain to the public, the role of his profession in the furtherance of the administration of justice.




He will not knowingly violate any right or privilege of any individual citizen which may be guaranteed or provided by the United States Constitution, any State constitution, or the laws of the State and Federal governments or any subdivision thereof.


He will make all his reporting based upon truth and fact. He will not disclose or relate or betray in any fashion that trust of confidence placed in him by either client, employer, or associate, without that person's consent. He will not suggest, condone, or participate in any fashion or degree, for any purpose whatsoever, in entrapment.


He shall refrain from accepting an assignment or employment if a personal conflict of interest lies therein. He will deal fairly and equitably with his client or employer, and will clearly explain his duties and the basis for his charges in each case.

He will guard against employing those techniques, or utilizing such equipment of devices that may threaten the life or safety of another.


He will not allow personal feelings or prejudices to interfere with factual and truthful disclosures on the assignments in which he has been employed or consulted.


Relations with Investigators

He will endeavor to provide the opportunity, education, and skill for the professional development and advancement of investigators in the profession. He will not directly or indirectly injure the professional reputation, prospects, or practice of another investigator. If he considers that an investigator is guilty of unethical, illegal, or unfair practice or designs, he will present the information to the proper authority for action.


He will uphold, and never abuse, the principle of appropriate and adequate compensation for those engaged in investigative work. He will not criticize another investigator's work except in the proper forum for technical discussion and criticism.

He will not compete illegally with other investigators in the solicitation of work and not engage in the unauthorized practice of law

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PO Box 18585
Charlotte, NC 28218-0585
Phone: 800-297-4023


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